American Heritage Stone 1-1/2″

  • Decorative stone for trees, shrubs, small ponds and water features
  • 100% natural product
  • Permanent landscaping accents
  • Affordable, professional-looking results
  • American made.
Product DepthArea Coverage: L(ft.) x W(ft.) = total square feet
60 sq. ft.120 sq. ft.180 sq. ft.
(One bag covers 6 sq. ft.)
10 Bags20 Bags30 Bags
(One bag covers 3 sq. ft.)
20 Bags40 Bags60 Bags
1 cubic foot – 12 square feet

These durable bags hold decorative Landscape Aggregates. All River Run materials are American made and readily available.

Recommended coverages are printed right on the bags, which range in size from 1/2 cubic foot to 2 cubic feet. So not only are they ideal for smaller landscaping jobs, they make handling, shipping and storage easier for any size job.

63 bags per pallet
Bag size: 1/2 CF