River Cobble 2-3″

These durable bags hold decorative Landscape Aggregates.

  • Decorative stone for trees, shrubs, small ponds and water features
  • 100% natural product
  • Permanent landscaping accents
  • Affordable, professional-looking results
  • American made
Product DepthArea Coverage: L(ft.) x W(ft.) = total square feet
60 sq. ft.120 sq. ft.180 sq. ft.
(One bag covers 4 sq. ft.)
15 Bags30 Bags45 Bags
(One bag covers 3 sq. ft.)
30 Bags60 Bags90 Bags
1 cubic foot – 12 square feet

All River Run materials are American made and readily available.

63 bags per pallet
Bag size: 1/2 CF